Cindy Recinos
Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist



My approach to health is holistic which  emphasizes an “inside out” philosophy.  The basis of this philosophy is that health comes from within.  Unfortunately most Americans tend to utilize an “outside in” philosophy, which means they tend to take pills and lotions to put on or in their body to mask symptoms.

I believe that the Body is self-healing and self regulating.

I believe that the nervous system is the Master Controller of the body.

I understand that we live our lives and experience the world around us through our nervous system.

I understand that illness results when the body has lost its ability to adapt to stress.  Stress may manifest as any of the following or combination thereof:  traumatic, toxic, environmental, emotional/psychological, organic disease and/or normal aging.

I understand that Massage Therapy is a non-invasive/non-pharmacological healing art that strengthen the immune system, helps to prevent disease by calming the nervous system and controls pain resulting in increased quality of life and optimal health.  

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